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Fishing Trips

We fish for salmon (chinook and coho), lingcod, rockfish, sole and flounders, prawns, crabs and halibut. Chinook salmon can be found all year, with may to september being the peak season when you can catch 20 pounders, and the occasional 30 to 40 pound tyee! Winter chinook average 6 to 14 lbs. Coho salmon can be found from June to October and average 4 to 15 Ibs. The rockfish and lingcod season is open from May 1st to September 30th. Lingcod average 8 to 20 lbs with some up in the 30 to 40 lb range! We usually drop some prawn traps on the way out to the fishing grounds, always makes for a nice bonus to top off the trip! (5 hour trips or more only) All your fish will be packaged upon arival back to the dock, bringing a cooler in your car is always a good idea. Every person on the boat has to have a salt water fishing license(free for children under 16), make sure you get your salmon stamp to be able to retain your salmon(extra 6$). The license and stamp can be obtained here:  (Always a good idea to do it ahead of time since their site can be a bit slow ...) Print your license and make sure you have it on you before you get on the boat. The boat is equipped with all the top of the line fishing gear you need, but feel free to bring your lucky fishing rod if you prefer. Looking forward to fishing with you!


Sightseeing Tours

We offer all sorts of excursions around the Gulf Islands, through the Strait of Georgia. Visit the rural and beautiful Denman Island and its remote outpost Tree Island (Sandy Island), or the white sandy beaches and funky downtown of neighboring Hornby Island.  Visit Lasqueti island, which is not accessible by car, or the lovely and quaint town of Comox. Choose your destination, and enjoy an afternoon cruising our pristine, calm waters while viewing an abundance of local wildlife, including seals and sea lion colonies, bald eagles, blue heron, orcas, humpback whales and dolphins. Make sure you bring a camera because you never know what you're going to see! Sit back and enjoy the ride!

We also offer paddle board rental for your trip at the cost of $50 per board.


Reservations and Booking

Prices for fishing

Half day (5 hours) $750

Full day(8-10 hours)$995

Prices for sightseeing

Tree Island 4 hours $500

Hornby Island 5 hours (Tribune beach Whaling station, Fords Cove)$675

Full day sightseeing $875

Paddle board rental $50 per board for the trip

4 travelers are included in the base price.  The cost for additional travelers is $50.00 per person per trip.  The boat is licensed for a maximum of 6 passengers.  

To make a reservation, call 250-218-6834 or click here.

Water Taxi

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